In 2016, MPA, MDOT and MDE entered into an agreement to work collaboratively to identify, develop and, when appropriate, implement new, cost-effective, voluntary programs that will reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency. The workgroup, which meets monthly, has engaged other agencies, advocacy groups and the private sector. Achievements of the workgroup to date include identifying emission sources related to port activities; updating and prioritizing a list of activities, technologies, equipment, practices and projects that could potentially improve air quality and/ or conserve energy; preparing a master list of possible funding sources to support these projects; applying for grants to fund these projects, some of which have resulted or are likely to result in MPA receiving funding for emissions reduction projects; and supporting community outreach by involving new organizations, including others in its meetings, seeking input and analysis from outside experts, and partnering on grant applications.

MPA made significant progress in implementing its Environmental Strategic Plan,
including the following:

  • Completed emission inventories for its terminals;
  • Evaluated feasibility of shore power and capture technology for vessels;
  • Sought and received additional funding for its dray truck replacement program, resulting in more than 150 trucks being replaced;
  • Installed eight solar-powered, trash compactors on the marine terminals;
  • Conducted energy conservation training for MPA employees;
  • Continued implementation of stormwater management/TMDL reduction program;
  • Created master list for off-site mitigation projects;
  • Evaluated use of fuel cells;
  • Installed on a building at DMT a lightweight “Green Roof” technology to test its effectiveness for treating stormwater; and
  • Installed a sand filter technology as part of underground wet vault to treat stormwater.

MPA has received two awards, MDOT Environmental Quality Award and American Association of Ports Authority Environmental Improvement Award, for its collaboration with the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore to install the Jones Falls trash interceptor water wheel, providing $500,000 toward its construction. The water wheel has been featured in several national media outlets and has garnered its own social media following.

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