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Port Discovery engine room“The Port,” a new permanent exhibit at Port Discovery Children’s Museum, will allow children age 10 and younger to explore real jobs at the Port of Baltimore through play.

“The exhibit pays homage to the 300-year-old industry that created our city,” said Abbi Ludwig, Port Discovery’s Marketing Director. The exhibit, which opened to the public in June, is dominated by a massive ship’s prow that includes a bridge with interactive components, such as throttle controls, gauges and a ship’s wheel.

“Children can role-play as the ship’s captain and sailors, navigators, engineers, stevedores and merchants,” said Ludwig. “The educational outcomes include STEM concepts of sorting, weighing and transporting a variety of products. Our goals for the exhibit include providing a deeper understanding of the Port, the work that happens there and the people connected to it,” said Ludwig. “The exhibit will tell a story that presents Baltimore as an important connector in a vast network of trade, commerce and culture.” Port Discovery crane

The exhibit will allow children to operate a gantry crane, using it to move container blocks over visitors’ heads and onto the deck of a ship. The ship at the center will feature an engine room, which communicates with the captain’s bridge through a whisper tube. A scanner-like structure allows children to “look inside” container blocks.