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Overseas Shipping Inc. has forged solid relationships with the Port of Baltimore and its surrounding communities.

Those interactions have also played a key role in the company’s business, which continues to grow.

“Since Overseas Shipping has opened near the Port of Baltimore, we have been able to collect a few keys to our success,” said Ahmed Hossain, the company’s owner. “The first key was getting to know the city and all that it offers. Baltimore is a beautiful city once you get to know it. The second key is the people who are our neighbors. They are all very nice and always love lending a hand.”

Overseas Shipping is licensed to ship bulk cargo through multi-modal transport systems — air, sea and land — across the world. The company offers personalized logistics solutions that encompass container ocean shipments, airfreight, auto shipping, roll-on/roll-off (cars, motorbikes and heavy vehicles) and inland freight. Overseas Shipping also provides project management, along with pack-and-move services with a dedicated warehouse.

“We set you up with all the paperwork necessary to export your items, including automobiles, home goods and other objects,” Hossain said. “Overseas Shipping loads your containers professionally with the items you would like to ship. Then we transport the containers to the Port of Baltimore to be taken to your desired country.

Overseas shipping staff

The management of Overseas Shipping includes (from left) Ahmed Hossain (Owner), Edwin (Warehouse Manager), Aziz (General Manager) and Javier (Loader, Forklift Operator).

“Overseas has another line of business. We do towing and trucking for your cars across the United States. Lastly, Overseas offers warehouse and lot storage options. Our plans for expansion include looking for larger warehouses closer to the Port.”

Overseas Shipping has six employees at its South Newkirk Street offices but is looking to double that number in the next six months to handle added business, Hossain said.

The company also has offices around the world and is positioned to support major industry requirements. Overseas Shipping uses smart software and mobile applications to help track, document and respond to customers’ needs quickly and efficiently, matching time and budget. Hossain also uses client feedback to improve operations.

“Overseas is extremely invested in 100 percent customer satisfaction,” Hossain said. “We take pride in the fact that we do not just have a business relationship with our customers, but a real friendship as well.”

The customers appreciate the attention to detail.

“The representatives were kind, informative and courteous,” customer Ali Wahdan of Algeria said in a testimonial. “My vehicle got to the destination in a timely fashion and in one piece. I would recommend [Overseas Shipping] highly to anyone that is looking to ship their vehicle.”

Overseas Shipping also closely watches trends within the industry. One of the latest trends is cutting costs on loading automobiles into containers. Overseas Shipping prides itself on experienced employees who have been loading cars for about 10 years.

Overseas Shipping“Most companies only use chains to hang your cars in the containers,” Hossain said. “We don’t. Your car is loaded with extreme caution — first removing the hood of your car and securing it. Then once the car is in place, we tie it with metal cables and pad it with carpeting and sponge so no damage will occur.”

Overseas Shipping has expanded its business because of the Port’s strategic location. Baltimore sits in the center of the enormous Washington/Baltimore Common Market, with immediate access to 6.8 million people. The Port’s inland location makes it the closest Atlantic port to major Midwestern populations and manufacturing centers and places it within a day’s reach of one-third of U.S. households.

The Baltimore/Washington region is the nation’s fourth largest and one of its wealthiest consumer markets. Maryland has the highest household income in the nation and that has been a boon to local businesses like Overseas Shipping.

“The Port is right in a major city, allowing us to transport containers in and out quickly and efficiently,” Hossain said.


Overseas Shipping

Owner: Ahmed Hossain

Baltimore Headquarters: 1200 South Newkirk St.

Phone: 703-928-6787