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training and education.” He was an instructor of vocational courses at MITAGS while attending night school to obtain a master’s degree from the University of Maryland University College. That degree allowed him to move into management.
Paine visits the PMI campus in Seattle several times a year and travels throughout the U.S., Europe and the Mediterranean to oversee operations for MITAGS-PMI.
In addition he has worked with the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Maryland Port Administration (MDOT MPA) on a number of ship simulation projects, including at the Seagirt Marine Terminal, and hosted a number of MDOT MPA events at the conference center. He also works with the Baltimore office of Moffatt & Nichol, a large coastal engineering firm, on simulation projects around the world.
In addition to its full-time training schedule, MITAGS hosts summer camps to acquaint young students with the vast career opportunities available in the maritime industry. Students even get to work on the simulators to “pilot” their own ships.
MITAGS is continually developing innovative ways to bring people into the industry and strategies to ensure mariner competency.
“The biggest industry challenge,” Paine said, “is maintaining and crafting national policies to ensure growth and prosperity for the U.S. Flag Merchant Marine and the industry. Although
the U.S. is a seafaring nation, most Americans are unaware of the role our industry plays in the economy and in supporting the U.S. military.”
Keeping Congress and the admin- istration properly informed about the industry’s issues takes continuous effort by everyone involved, he added.
Paine now lives on the MITAGS campus with his wife. In their spare time, the two enjoy gardening, visiting museums and traveling to even more spots around the world. 􏰀
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