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Main Office: 410-633-7800 6508 East Lombard Street Trailer Div.: 410-633-8120 Baltimore, MD 21224
MTC remains on the cutting edge of new refrigeration technologies and owns one of the nation’s first large single-story refriger- ated warehouse facilities.
and developer of the company’s trucking branch, MLogistics®, said there are three storage options. “Refrigerated” storage is 34-36 degrees Fahrenheit, “frozen” is a base of -18 degrees Celsius or 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and “ultra-low temperature” (ULT) maintains -70 degrees Fahrenheit or -60 degrees Celsius.
“We are developing the ULT market currently,” said Ferguson. Sushi-grade tuna, some pharmaceutical products and yogurt cultures must be maintained in this environment, according to Ferguson. “Workers must don special protective gear to work in the ultra-cold area and, even then, they can only be in that temperature for seven minutes.”
To maintain these temperatures, MTC Logistics leverages a suite of energy-management measures. The Baltimore distribution center has more than 128,000 square feet of solar
panels on the rooftop, which generate approximately two megawatts of energy annually, allowing the warehouse to go totally off the PJM grid on a cool, sunny day. There is also a monitoring system that allows the company to reduce usage at peak times. Energy futures
are another tool that MTC employs to control energy costs.
For nine decades, MTC Logistics has remained true to its roots as a customer- centric innovator in the cold chain, providing quality service and needed logistical support to its customers. 􏰀
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