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AIB Certified
All Freight Distribution provides full service warehousing in the Port of Baltimore and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic region. We specialize in:
warehouses have a staggering 25.2 million cubic feet of capacity.
“The Port of Baltimore is very important to us,” said Brooks Royster, President of MTC Logistics. “Roughly 65% of our business is international. We import seafood, pork and frozen fruits and vegetables from around the world and have a robust export market consisting mainly of poultry going worldwide.”
Cold-chain management, keeping a product at its proper temperature
as it moves from its source location, is warehoused and then ultimately delivered to a customer or an ocean carrier, is a complex chain to maintain. Compromise along the chain can be dangerous and is not tolerated.
“We are dealing with food that is going to be on people’s dining room tables, so we take security of these products very seriously,” said Royster. “The product must never be allowed out of its specified safe temperature range while in our custody.”
To maintain these strict standards, MTC Logistics has employed technology and a workforce of more than 100 well-trained individuals. With millions
of pounds of products to keep track of
at any given moment, MTC Logistics utilizes a real-time sophisticated warehouse management system. The company’s proprietary web portal and data warehouse, MVision®, allows customers a window into the chain for their convenience and instant access from the MTC Logistics side should the need arise.
“We stage mock recalls regularly,” said Royster. “This trains our employees and tests our ability to track products and stop them from making their way to the consumer if need be.”
MTC Logistics maintains internally developed best-of-kind practices, but they are audited and certified by the British Retail Consortium to the Global Food Service Initiative standard. This global standard requires outside auditing for certification, and the standards are reviewed weekly by staff.
So, how cold is cold enough to meet these requirements? Ernie Ferguson, VP of Sales, a 15-year veteran of MTC Logistics
• Container Stripping and Loading
• Drayage
• AIB Certified/Food Grade
• 100,000 Sq. Ft. on 8 acres
• Inside/Outside, Short & Long-term Storage • Specializing in Import/Export Metal Product
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