Page 27 - Port of Baltimore - January/February 2018
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After several weak years, the international roll-on/roll-off (ro/ ro) market began to bounce back in 2017. The third and fourth quarters last year saw an uptick in business and helped end the year on a high note. Baltimore’s strong 52 percent market share has helped it continue as the nation’s top ro/ro port.
Baltimore’s success in the ro/ro market stems from many factors, including a geographic location as the closest East Coast port to the Midwest, a large and diverse group of competing ocean carriers and a unique and unrivaled quality program that brings together all the key players in the ro/
ro supply chain. The Port’s strong reputation for efficiency, quality and labor are all main factors in encouraging shippers and carriers to use Baltimore for their ro/ro cargo.
Heading into 2018, there are positive signs with the Port’s recent announcement of a new service into New Zealand and Australia.
The mining industry showed positive trends toward the end of 2017, with an increase in drilling activity and new development projects. Target markets remain South America, Australia and China.
American manufacturers are finding business savvy ways to strengthen and maximize their portfolio by merging with or acquiring high-opportunity companies. Moving into 2018, optimism abounds for an improving ro/ro market.
800,000(t) 700,000(t)
600,000(t) 500,000(t)
400,000(t) 300,000(t) 200,000(t) 100,000(t)
2017: 727,946 Tons 2016: 700,718 Tons PERCENT CHANGE: +3.88%
2016 2017

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