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As the leading auto port in the U.S. for the seventh straight year, the Port of Baltimore had another record year in 2017. Baltimore saw 419,304 import autos cross its public docks last year, the highest amount ever. That is a big reason why Baltimore again finished the year on top in autos.
The Port of Baltimore saw increases with most of its auto customers. Jaguar-Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru all had excellent years, with gains over 2016 volumes. The all- electric Tesla also enjoyed a good year in its first full year in Baltimore. The Teslas are produced in California, transported to the Port of Baltimore and then shipped to Europe. Light trucks and crossover vehicles continue to drive the market in the U.S. A high percentage of those same vehicles crossed the docks in Baltimore.
Overall in 2017, U.S. auto sales had another banner year, with more than 17 million cars and light trucks sold.
Baltimore’s advantages as an auto port are many. For import autos, Baltimore’s geographic location as the closest East
Coast port to the Midwest allows cars to be shipped to inland destinations in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. The same geographic advantage helps with export autos coming into the Port from the Midwest. The Port also offers auto manufacturers choices with four on-dock auto processors, a large number of haul-away trucking companies and all major ocean carriers. With its unique quality program QCHAT, Baltimore guarantees each auto leaving or arriving is handled with top notch care. With these benefits in its back pocket,
it’s easy to see why Baltimore continues to have great successes in autos.
[24] The Port of Baltimore ■ January/February 2018
2017: 585,696 Units 2016: 568,224 Units PERCENT CHANGE: +3.07%
2016 2017

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