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continue to be key factors in our success. Baltimore’s reputation for vehicle handling is also boosted
by the presence of four on-dock vehicle processors.
Last year also saw growth in our high and heavy sector, comprised of farm, construction and mining machinery. The troubled Eurozone economies have negatively impacted export roll-on/roll-off for the last few years. In 2017, that trend began to turn, and we are confident it will continue
into 2018. Baltimore has remained the nation’s top roll-on/roll-off port with 52 percent of market share.
Though we had some challenges last year in forest products, as a longtime national leader, Baltimore offers its customers outstanding facilities, including state-of-the-art
Improvements to the Cruise Maryland terminal helped boost the Port’s popularity as a cruise destination.
Moving Forward
warehouses. Add to that operational efficiencies, deep water, a proximity to large consumer groups and
a reputation for damage-free handling, and Baltimore continues to be a very strong player in this market.
Our profile as a cruise port continues to grow. Carnival and Royal Caribbean, two of the world’s largest cruise lines, sail from the Port year-round to the Bahamas, Bermuda and Caribbean. Our cruise terminal’s location immediately off Interstate 95 has allowed for easy access for many of our passengers arriving from neighboring states. Passengers arriving this year will notice many new improvements inside our cruise terminal that will make their experience even better.
While these successes are wonderful, I always say that our most satisfying
A top customer from Finland brought additional forest- product volume to Baltimore.
role is that of being one of Maryland’s top economic engines. Our men and women, including our highly skilled labor force, are second to none and the true reason for our success. Moving ahead, we will continue to rely on those
outstanding people as we continue to grow our market share and remain one of the busiest ports in the nation. 􏰀
James J. White,
Executive Director, Maryland Department of Transportation’s Maryland Port Administration
The Port prepares for the future with six new gantry cranes, which arrived in January.
Following a decline in 2016, Baltimore saw an increase in breakbulk cargo this past year.
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