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Amid Challenging Economic Conditions
Maryland is “Open for Business” under Gov. Larry
Hogan and the Port of Baltimore is helping to lead that charge. The year 2017 was another record year for our public marine terminals. Despite some challenges from worldwide economic conditions, the public terminals again set new marks in both general cargo and containers.
General cargo reached
The Port saw another record year, with 10,737,488 tons of general cargo handled.
10.7 million tons, the second consecutive year it vaulted the 10-million-ton plateau. It was a nearly seven percent jump over the previous record year in 2016. One
of the major reasons for
that impressive mark was the performance of our containers. A record 596,972 containers crossed our public piers in 2017. The Port has seen a 14 percent increase
in our containers since the Panama Canal expansion project was completed in 2016. With our 50-foot deep
In 2017, container volume increased nearly 11 percent over the previous year.
channel and berth and our Neo-Panamax cranes, we can handle some of the largest container ships in the world today.
With that growth, Ports America Chesapeake,
which operates our Seagirt container facility, is investing in new equipment and infrastructure. Six new gantry cranes arrived in January, with plans to
add more. We will also be improving efficiencies at our truck gates to assist with throughput, deepening
Baltimore is the leading auto port in the U.S. for the seventh straight year.
another berth to 50 feet, and adding additional supersized cranes.
The Port was named
the fourth-fastest-growing container port in North America. It has also been named one of the most efficient ports in the U.S. for the last three years.
Our Port once again handled more autos than any other U.S. port. Our unique quality program and geographic advantage as the closest East Coast port to the Midwest
With a 52 percent market share, Baltimore continues as the nation’s top ro/ro port.
The Port of Baltimore Keeps Maryland’s Economy
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