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PORT ENVIRONMENT Port Continues the
Greening of Its Fleet
The Fleet Department at the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Maryland Port Administration (MDOT MPA) continues to promote environmental sustainability by replacing older diesel trucks and equipment with new, low-emission and fuel-efficient equipment.
The MDOT MPA recently purchased three new 2018 Western Star 4700SF dump trucks to replace three 2008 GMC C8500 model trucks. The new vehicles are certified as compliant with 2010 Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board emission standards and will reduce engine emissions and fuel consumption. The trucks will be used to move general material and remove snow.
“The new heavy-duty engines are equipped with diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts and selective catalytic reduction,” explained Chandra Chithaluru, MDOT MPA’s Air Quality Policy and Program Manager. “A combination of these emission-reduction technologies and use of ultralow sulfur diesel fuel reduces nitrous oxides, sulfur oxides and particulate matter emissions greatly from that of previous models, which in turn will improve air quality.
“MDOT MPA recognizes that reducing air emissions is
key to protecting public health and the environment and is committed to the goal of improving air quality,” she added.
As an innovator in environmental stewardship and sustain- ability, the MDOT MPA remains committed to developing programs that are economically and environmentally beneficial.
“Upgrading our heavy equipment will provide long-term benefits by saving the state money on fuel and maintenance, as well as enhancing air quality for residents in the Greater Baltimore area,” said Joe Nickoles, Deputy Director of Crane, Facility and Fleet Maintenance at MDOT MPA. 􏰀

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