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Local Photographers Showcase Skills at ‘Working Port’ Exhibition
A mix of photographers and working professionals from the Port community displayed their works
at “The Working Port: A Community Exhibit from the Port of Baltimore” at the World Trade Center in December.
The artists represented all facets of the Port
and included A. Aubrey Bodine, John Bowie,
Bill Brand, A.R. Jordan, Scott Senko, Wendell Shannon, Kathy Bergren Smith and John Traut. The work was selected by curator Sigrid Trumpy. The images represent the operations of the Port with some familiar and not-so-familiar harbor scenes.
The organizers hope the exhibition will become an annual event representing even more aspects of the working waterfront. 􏰀
(Above left) Artists included Bill Brand, a retired bay pilot, and John Bowie, a Fleet Manager at Vane Brothers. (Above right) Photographer Kathy Bergren Smith helped organize the exhibition.
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