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Students from
New York Tour Vane Bros. Tugboat
About 20 students and instructors from the New York Harbor School, formally known as The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, came to Baltimore for what instructor Brendan Malone called “an extended field trip” that also supported the school’s Historic Ship Alliance initiative. Students involved with the Alliance learn the history of historic ships and help with maintaining them.
The Harbor School students spent a January weekend on board the Liberty Ship John W. Brown at Pier 1-Clinton Street and assisted the John Brown’s volunteer staff with maintenance duties such as painting. They slept on the ship, took meals in the galley and participated in other activities.
Vane Brothers was invited to bring a tugboat to Pier 1-Clinton Street between bunkering duties on Jan. 13, so that the students could tour the vessel and meet the crew. The 4,200-hp tug Tuckahoe, captained by Jordan McCluskey, spent about two hours at the pier while students spoke with crew members and visited the engine room, crew’s quarters and wheelhouse. 􏰀
Students from New York Harbor School (Top) gathered with instructors, volunteers from the Liberty Ship John W. Brown and members of Vane Brothers to learn about the intricacies of maintaining the vessel. (Middle left) A New York Harbor School student works in the galley with ship workers. (Middle right) There was hands-on experience below the deck of the ship with lubing machinery. (Bottom left) A student helps an instructor vacuum. (Bottom right) Capt. Jordan McCluskey talks to several students about navigating the John W. Brown.
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