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The Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) announced the retirement of long-time fixture Glen Paine in January. Paine was the Executive Director of the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots (MMP) MATES Program that operates MITAGS and the affiliated Maritime Conference Center.

Paine with Friend and Megonigal

Left to right: Glen Paine, his successor Eric Friend, and Walter Megonigal, a mentor to Friend and former MITAGS Director of Training.

Paine began his maritime career sailing for MMP after graduating from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in 1978. He had been a MITAGS student for many years before joining the staff as an instructor in 1986. Paine went on to earn his master’s degree in General Administration from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) — a degree that served him well when he became the Executive Director of the MATES Program in 1998.

“MITAGS was up and running when Glen took over from Captain Pillsbury in 1998, but Glen’s tireless work, vision and dedication transformed it from just another union training school to one of the premier maritime training facilities in the world,” said Don Marcus, President of MMP. “MITAGS is recognized internationally as a leader and has set the standards for maritime training in the USA, as well as the rest of the planet.”

Paine’s successor, as selected by the MATES Program trustees, is Director of MITAGS Eric Friend.

“The trustees’ decision to select Eric as the next Executive Director has made the transition much easier. Eric has been running the Academic Division for several years, and has been involved in most major decisions,” said Paine. “Eric is smart, dedicated and respected by the trustees, students and industry. He has all the attributes to take the school to the next level.”

“I have known Glen for more than 20 years and he has been a big reason why MITAGS today is regarded as one of the top maritime training facilities in the world,” said Maryland Port Administration Director William P. Doyle. “MITAGS existed before Glen, but he really helped put it on the map. Best wishes to Glen on a very happy and deserved retirement.”