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The Baltimore Port Alliance (BPA) Environmental Committee recently completed the donation of a shipping container by Motiva Enterprises to the South Baltimore Community Land Trust (SBCLT).

Kevin Brown, Baltimore Terminal Manager for Motiva, had learned about prior donations made by BPA and reached out to offer a container that was no longer needed.

“Motiva is grateful that we were able to donate a shipping container to the South Baltimore Community Land Trust in an effort to support the services they provide to the surrounding community,” said Brown.

The recent donation was the fourth BPA has coordinated over the past three years, and the second container donation made in 2021. Prior donations were provided by Ports America Chesapeake.  “We thank the Baltimore Port Alliance for continuing to work with our Port businesses to donate containers,” said Maryland Port Administration Executive Director William P. Doyle. “Containers can serve very worthwhile purposes for communities that need them.” Pickup and delivery of the container was performed by Jamie Meyers of M&W Towing, who has been the driver for each of the containers delivered to date.

The BPA Environmental Committee has strong working relationships with several community-based organizations in the Baltimore region and is proud to support the work of SBCLT. Secure storage can be difficult to come by on a development site. As part of its collaboration with local stakeholders, the BPA Environmental Committee connects underused containers from the Port with community organizations like SBCLT who need them. Prior container donations have been made to East Baltimore’s C.A.R.E. Community Association’s Madeira Street Garden and the Masonville Cove Environmental Education Campus, among others.

Rupert Denney, General Manager of C. Steinweg (USA) Inc. and BPA Environmental Committee Co-Chair, said, “We wish to thank Kevin Brown at Motiva Enterprises for donating the container to the SBCLT to support their affordable housing project in the South Baltimore community, and we look forward to seeing the project’s completion.”

A community-led land trust, SBCLT’s vision is to create access to quality and affordable housing for all, in communities free from environmental injustice. They partner with residents to build a growing sector of community-owned assets in Baltimore that yield permanently affordable housing, safe and healthy green space, and job creation for the community.

SBCLT has been awarded funding from Baltimore City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund to create its first 10 units of affordable housing in Curtis Bay. The donated container will be used as a secure storage space during project construction.

Meleny Thomas, SBCLT’s Executive Director, said, “We are thankful for the recent donation of a shipping container, which the Port Alliance coordinated. This donation is timely and will help us with storage of materials for the permanently affordable homes that we are building and later will be a part of the community space transformation on our land.”

The BPA Environmental Committee works to inform BPA members of key environmental issues facing the Port of Baltimore and communicate with stakeholders about the Port’s role in environmental stewardship.