American Marine & Cargo Inc.

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Draft Surveys, P&I, Super cargo/Port Captain, Cargo out-turn, cargo measurements, expert witness
Md. Sajjad Hossain – Marine Surveyor
Peter Ruelos – Marine Surveyor

Contact Info

Our Address:
2700 Broening Hwy.
Shed No. 6
Baltimore, Maryland 21222

Telephone: 410-282-1190
Fax: 410-282-1192

Email: captalok@amcbal.com

URL: http://www.amcbal.com

Categories: Consulting, Trade | Lab Services, Sampling and Analysis | Surveyors and Cargo Inspection


Capt. Alok Praharaj , Principal Surveyor

Deborah McClaskey , Marine Surveyor/Account Coordinator

Tonya Craft, Office Mgr./Surveyor

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