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Christos KritikosChristos N. “Chris” Kritikos, a pioneer of the shipping industry, passed away Jan. 31 at his home. He was 95 years old.

Born in Greece, Kritikos came to America in 1947 as a merchant marine. A decade later, he started his own stevedoring company, Ceres Terminals Incorporated, to take advantage of an influx of cargo ships caused by the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Originally founded in Chicago, Ceres soon expanded across the Midwest, and finally to the Port of Baltimore in 1979.

“Our industry has lost one of its most memorable and unique individuals,” said Thomas K. Simmers, past President and CEO of Ceres Terminals. “He was a colorful soul full of ambition and drive, and the nerve to pull his vision off. Using his progressive vision and outsized personality, Chris built a small Chicago-based startup company into one of the leading stevedoring and terminal operators in North America. His is a true American success story. The industry will miss him.”