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Container donationBy Mary Maushard

An East Baltimore community association is recycling a 20-foot shipping container as a storage facility, courtesy of Ports America Chesapeake (PAC) and the Baltimore Port Alliance (BPA).

The container, located at East Baltimore’s C.A.R.E. — Cleaning, Active, Restoring Efforts — Community Association’s Madeira Street Garden, will house tools and equipment that C.A.R.E. uses on plots throughout the community.

The BPA’s Environmental Committee recently became aware of the non-profit’s need for additional storage after its existing storage — a 40-foot container — was vandalized. PAC offered to donate the used container, paint it and prepare it for delivery to Madeira Street by Ted’s Towing in early July.

“We have over 70 lots in total that we help maintain through the adopt-a-lot program. Some of the lots are dedicated vegetable gardens, others are flower gardens or open space,” said Cynthia Gross, C.A.R.E. President. “So, we have to have all types of equipment on hand to cover all types of scenarios. We lend equipment to residents or other nearby community groups if asked and available.

“This gift came right on time as we try to rebuild our stockpile of tools,” she added.

BPA’s Environmental Committee coordinated the contribution as part of its continuing commitment to C.A.R.E. Solomon Egbe, a committee member and PAC employee, coordinated the project and Darren Thompson, PAC’s Director of Operations at Seagirt Marine Terminal, oversaw the container preparation and delivery.

Madeira Street is a community garden where local residents grow flowers and food for themselves and their neighbors. It is also a community gathering place. The neighborhood boundaries are North Washington Street, Patterson Park Avenue, Fayette Street and McElderry Street.