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Utah-based GlobalSim Inc. has completed the installation of a full-mission crane simulator for the Steamship Trade Association of Baltimore at the Port of Baltimore.

The simulator is now fully operational and will be used to train operators for ship-to-shore, rubber-tyred gantry and ship pedestal cranes.“This is one of our latest and greatest simulators,” said Brad Ball, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GlobalSim Inc. “The Steamship Trade Association of Baltimore had some unique needs, and we were able to work to deliver this system to them in a timely fashion. It should take their training to a new level.”

The simulator is a GlobalSim 5th Generation Full Mission system and includes eight flat-panel 4k displays. The entire system is built upon a proprietary 3 DOF (degrees of freedom) motion base that moves the entire simulator and gives the crane operator the realistic motions he or she would feel while operating a real crane.

The controls and buttons on the simulator are authentic and laid out almost exactly like the real cranes at the Port. The system also features an instructor control station that allows operators to practice unlimited scenarios — including difficult weather environments and other emergency situations — that cannot be easily practiced on real equipment.