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By Mary Maushard

DonationResidents of several Baltimore neighborhoods might have noticed that their community gardening got a little easier this past growing season, thanks to new tools donated by the Baltimore Port Alliance (BPA) Environmental Committee.

Rakes, brooms, shovels, hoses, buckets, a wheel barrow and a weed whacker were among the items BPA donated to BMORE Beautiful, which then lent them to city communities. Within the first few months, residents of Brooklyn, Mosher, Bocek, Madison/Eastend, Milton-Montford, Rosemont, Curtis Bay and Upton borrowed the tools.

BMORE Beautiful is a city-led, peer-to-peer beautification program that encourages residents, businesses and organizations to get involved in cleaning and beautifying their neighborhoods. The organization works closely with neighborhoods throughout the city on specific beautification projects and provides educational materials and resources that residents can use to complete their projects.

During a meeting with BMORE Beautiful representatives, the BPA learned of the need for tools. As a result, the Environmental Committee recommended that BPA’s Steering Committee buy and donate the tools. When community groups heard about the available tools, they began to borrow them to use in their communities.

“The BPA is heartened to hear the tools are being used by communities affiliated with BMORE Beautiful. We feel it is important for the BPA to broaden our reach to neighborhoods throughout Baltimore City,” said BPA Environmental Committee Co-Chairs Rupert Denney and Barbara McMahon in a joint statement. “It’s a great example of a community-Port partnership at work.”

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